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How I became my roommate’s sex slave

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My roommate’s sex slave was suddenly me

My name is Johanna, I am 23 years old and in my sixth semester I am studying art history and Japanology. I know the latter is rather unusual, but I am interested in Asian culture and Japanese in particular. For almost three years now I have been living in Munich in a shared flat near the English Garden. A beautiful residential area, although not exactly cheap. But in the flat-sharing community the costs are shared, so the financial aspect works out quite well.

I don’t currently have a boyfriend, the boys at my age are too childish and simply exhausting for me. That’s why I looked for a room with a man who is 19 years older than me. I get along with him much better than with my peers. But to become one day the sex slave of my roommate, I cannot imagine in my wettest dreams with the best will in the world.

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How I became my roommate's sex slave

All I’ve had so far is cuddle sex

His name is Martin, he is almost two metres tall and has a very dominant appearance, which has always impressed me. His broad shoulders and his well-built body are not to be despised either. I myself measure only 1.60 meters at 50 kg, but with my large natural breasts (cup size 75 E) I immediately captivated every man. My head is adorned with long blonde hair and many of my friends and acquaintances attest me a sugar-sweet face. I’m blessed with a seductive pout with full lips, with which I’ve already made one or the other guy lose his mind and really crazy.

Martin and I understand each other well. He had until recently a girlfriend and probably therefore never showed interest in me and so it remained a platonic friendship. His girlfriend is my age. Apparently he likes younger women. As I once noticed, his girlfriend is probably also his sex slave, he has some inclination towards it. So far I could not do much with it in my life, I always had only tender cuddle sex. Sure, I also dream of getting a real guy to give me a good push, but maybe I just don’t have the right partner for it yet. But who knows what is not, can still come. Fortunately, I am not an impatient person who absolutely needs his will.

How I became my roommate's sex slaveI wish I’d known I was gonna be my roommate’s sex slave

One night Martin was sitting in the kitchen. He just looked like a hammer in the dark suit! But something was wrong with him, his piercing eyes didn’t sparkle like usual. He looked sad. When I asked him if everything was all right, he replied that he wanted to go to a club with his girlfriend today, but that he had suddenly broken up with him this afternoon because of another man. I can well imagine that this hit him like a bang! We talked briefly and without further ado I offered him to go out with him tonight instead of his girlfriend. Had I known beforehand what kind of club it was, I would probably have sunk into the ground in shame. But I didn’t know and I didn’t ask him either.

So I disappeared into my room and put on my favourite dress. It was shoulderless and studded with gold rivets. In addition I put on some armrings and adorned myself with a pair of long earrings – matching the dress of course both in gold. Granted, I found myself quite sexy with my bronze skin. If I were a man, I would fuck myself. No question about it. Is that arrogant or arrogant? I don’t think so. Because I just know what I have to offer. Accordingly, I keep my body in shape with a lot of sport (endurance and fitness) and a healthy diet.

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Martin, when I came back into the living room, was wearing a dark suit that emphasized his muscles. He looked really sexy. Why had I never noticed that before?! Maybe it was because of his girlfriend, who as a female roommate I was a thorn in her side anyway. But that was now a thing of the past. And in fact I see Martin now with completely different eyes than before.

How I became my roommate's sex slaveThe sight of the woman excited me

We drove with his 5 series BMW into the city, where we should spend the evening. The “Alexandrium” was in a manor house on a manor. Quite luxurious and noble here, I had to admit to myself. Fortunately it was not an establishment, in which it smelled like piss and alcohol. There were lots of such places in the city! Certainly expensive, but Martin took over the financial part. He has a good job and a lot of money, but he lives with me because he doesn’t like to be at home alone. He just needs the company.

In the club we sat down after the greeting by the organizers, a couple about 40 years old, in the fireplace room. Martin got me a cocktail and sat down next to a leather chair and pointed to the floor. At first I didn’t quite understand, but then I understood what he meant. I was supposed to sit at his feet, which I finally did. I put my arms on his legs and stroked them a little, which obviously pleased him very much, because I could see the bump in his trousers more than clearly. It was the candlelight and the flickering of the fireplace that bathed the whole room in a romantic atmosphere. Besides us there were two men and a woman in the room.

I was dripping wet like a bucket of water, the pussy juice was running down me

One of them fingered the pussy of the tied lady, the other just stuck his oversized cock in her mouth as I looked over at them.

Yes, she was tied up and somehow it excited me. Her hands were tied over her head. One of the guys held her arms up so he could better sink his stiff strap into her throat. The woman moaned louder and louder, but abruptly the trio stopped and the men pulled the woman out of the room by a collar. Martin and I were now alone in the fireplace room.

Wie ich zur Sexsklavin meines Mitbewohners wurde • Kostenlose Sexgeschichten - Kostenlose SexgeschichteAs if in a trance, I gave myself up

Dazzled by the alcohol and the scenery, Martin grabbed my hair and pulled me up. Then he ordered me to the big four-poster bed. It wasn’t just a bed. It was a sleeping chamber like a real castle, huge, gold decorated and covered with dark red cloths. He ordered me to stop and now he took off my dress. I felt Martin’s hand in my back and he emphatically carried me to the rather hard mattress. I stopped for a moment and let it happen. With handcuffs and legcuffs he fixed me to the bedposts and smiled diabolically at me. Maybe he even grinned, I was in a trance at that moment. What was he up to? He put a blindfold on my eyes and I waited with visible excitement for the next minutes.

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He had spread my legs and so I lay there almost naked in front of my roommate. My underwear he had left me, but that was not in his mind, because with a jerk he tore my bra and panties (which was a bit wet) from my body. So I offered myself defenceless to him. I was even a little ashamed to present myself to him with openly gaping pussy. Certainly he could see my excitement in the light.

The pussy juice ran already my thighs down, so horny I was now. Meanwhile, his hands slid back to the inside of my legs up and down, but without touching my labia. With every smallest touch I twitched together. Yes, I expected him. Martin should become my lover.

On my way to becoming my roommate’s sex slave

He stroked me all over my body, just everywhere. The soft music in the background caressed my senses. With his hands he gently stroked my breasts, his fingers twirling on my nipples, stiffly sticking up like the Eiffel Tower in Paris’ evening sky. Again and again he let go of me, interrupted the caresses, only to continue after agonizingly long seconds. Now he knelt on me and opened his trousers.

He didn’t take them off, but stayed dressed as he was. That also turned me on. I splinter naked, he fully clothed, only his thick cock looked out. With his Pimmel he stroked me a few times over the breasts and by the face, I tried to catch him with my lips. When I succeeded, I immediately sucked on his bulging glans and played around with my tongue his frenulum, his penis ribbon.

Wie ich zur Sexsklavin meines Mitbewohners wurde • Kostenlose Sexgeschichten - Kostenlose SexgeschichteHe abused me to the letter

He pushed his punch with full force into my mouth, I had to choke and tears ran down my cheeks, so smeared my make up. Of course he liked that, he laughed at me audibly satisfied. Again and again he hammered his cock into mine – yes I must say – mouth cunt. My mouth was now abused as a fuck mouth. He fucked me orally, until he was shortly before the injection, because his penis was already twitching. Just as I was preparing to get his full load of sperm injected directly into his throat, he stopped, stood up and looked at me closely.

“I want you to be my sex slave,” he whispered to me. Nothing better than that!

He went to the big showcase, took out a glass and poured himself a Scottish whisky. Maybe it was an Irish one, I couldn’t see it because I was still wearing the blindfold. When he seemed to have looked at me enough, I suddenly felt his hard butt at my vaginal entrance. He pushed my labia apart with the tip of his tail and slowly penetrated me, millimeter by millimeter.

I hadn’t expected this surprise at all

I would have loved to feel him immediately, but Martin let me fidget. He must have enjoyed the game that exuded me total desire to finally get fucked! I pushed my pelvis forward more and more energetically, and when he withdrew again, I almost noticed something like disappointment.

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What I didn’t know: Martin had actually prepared a surprise for his girlfriend. But instead of her I lay now bound and totally horny on the bed in a club unknown to me until then. A few minutes ago two young men had sneaked into the fireplace room and my new lover took off my blindfold. The two boys had already taken off their clothes in the antechamber. Greedily she examined my tied body, which offered them so gespreizt the best views. They stared uninhibitedly at my big breasts and my shaved pussy which shone with humidity. They looked as if they could hardly hold back. Their cocks were all relatively large and already hard they stood the guys off.

11 Sex-Challenges, die du bis 25 abgehakt habe solltestMy first double penetration

Martin waved at the two men and told them that one should fuck me while the other was allowed to push his stiff pipe into my mouth. But before the one started to fuck my pussy, Martin fucked me now in the bottom! After a short resistance, the sphincter gave way to my rosette and he had free access to my asshole. It did only hurt, but the pain gave way quickly to hornyness when I felt the strange tail in my pussy. My first sandwich fuck – under was pretty horny! When the other then still began to penetrate my Blasmund, I could not hold myself any more and my body trees up in the shackles. A huge orgasm shook me once powerfully through!

Are these girls dangerous?

Ich schien die Kontrolle zu verlieren, denn ich keuchte und schrie was das Zeug hielt. Die three men fucked me out of my mind, I came a second time and they kept fucking me. How in slow motion it occurred to me when Martin pulled his cock out of my butt, the slimmer of the two guys pushed to the side and rammed me his smeared cock in the mouth! Kurz overkam me a feeling of disgust, but the fucker under me fucked with his hammer continued mercilessly my dripping wet pussy, so that another highlight haunted me.

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I responded as if to a silent order from the boys

I wanted to scream, but Martin pushed me his pipe further and deeper into my mouth cunt, until he pumped with a first gush his cum directly into my stomach. The next boosts I could not swallow any more, it was just too much. The white juice ran down my mouth and dripped on my breasts. Martin grunted loudly.

One still jerked his cock while the other still fucked my pussy. When they both abklatschten, I knew what the hour had beaten and schürzte as on command my lips . I was so horny in the moment that I only wanted that they should inject me in the face. And the two young gentlemen did not let themselves be asked for long. Several loads of sperm injected into my face, my mouth and on my breasts. It was horny to be so inseminated. So far I had made no experience with Bukkake. From the chest upwards I was totally pasted with the sticky testicle milk. I assure you that will not be the last time!

From then on I was the sex slave of my roommate and as such I experienced many perversities. But more about that in another story. ;-)

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