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Unser Küken und erst seit 2015 bei uns. Die junge Frau zeichnet ein großes Talent aus, viele lieben ihren Schreibstil einfach. Momentan schreibt sie gerade an ihrem ersten Buch.
Erotic story: The wet panties of my sister

Erotic story: The wet panties of my sister

My head cinema regularly exploded as soon as I heard the subtle sound from the room next door. My pulse was racing and I felt like a child who had observed something forbidden, always in danger of being punished. What had I heard pretty clearly from my sister's room?

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Perfidious: The perfect public humiliation

Had I known beforehand what I was getting into, I don't know if I would have endured the public humiliation. But I probably would have. Also because this perfidious plan was so perfectly executed.

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Why women kiss women without being lesbian

These days, hardly anyone is surprised: When girls make out with other women, it's quite normal and many men even get turned on. But it hurts when two men kiss! What makes female kissing so special? What's different when women kiss women?

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