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Cruze Crazy zeichnet sich durch seine besondere, persönliche Note mit guten Kontakten in die Amateur- und deutsche Erotikszene aus. Seine Berichte sind nicht nur vom "Hörensagen" geschrieben, sondern er selbst ist engagiert bei der Sache, wenn es ans Eingemachte und ans intensive Recherchieren geht.
The best TS Livecams in the Transen Chat

The best TS Livecams in the Transen Chat

Watch the best Tranny Liveshows at TS Livecams in the Transen Chat and enjoy Shemale Camsex in the Webcamchat with transgender people! We introduce the Ladyboy Sexchat and tell you what to expect and what you have to pay attention to!
Im Test: SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator

Test: SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator

Heavenly pleasure for the modern man: the masturbator Alex Powerful Thrusting from SVAKOM was thoroughly tested. It promises fantastic experiences and ultimate pleasure. This is ensured, for example, by the seven intensive modes and the ultra-realistic pleasure channel. Almost like a real woman.
Im Test: SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator

Test: SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator

The SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator is a great toy for both experienced couples and advanced players. It is especially recommended for women who want stronger clitoral stimulation. It is also extremely pleasant for massaging the G-spot and, in men, the testicles and perineal area.
Sexgeschichte: Der Einbrecher wollte kein Geld von uns

Sex story: The burglar did not want any money from us

A really tough sex story: When the burglar stood in front of us with his gun, I could not yet know what perverse game would be played with us. Blowing my father was harmless in contrast to what the sex offender was still asking for.
Pornosucht! Pornos bestimmen dein Leben?

Porn addiction! Porn determines your life?

Men are mostly affected, but women also suffer from it occasionally. Little is written about pornography and many don't take it seriously. It has a negative impact on love life, work and the overall social behaviour of the person affected.
Warum Porno und Blowjob zusammengehören

Why porn and blowjob belong together

Yeah, it's true. Porn and blowjob fit together like party and music. No matter which party it is, without music there is no real atmosphere. The same applies to porn and blowjob. One cannot go without the other.
Mila Sweet Pornos: Zufällig Erotikstar geworden?!

Mila Sweet Porn: Did she happen to become an erotic star?!

The 22-year-old blonde indicates that she landed purely coincidentally on Germany's largest portal of the amateur porn industry. She also claims not to know yet what she will do in front of the video camera and the webcam. Nevertheless, there are already some Mila Sweet porn.
Lust mit Frust: Ursachen einer Dauererektion

Lust with frustration: causes of a permanent erection

Many men struggle with erection problems. Usually their best piece does not get stiff enough for sex or does not last long. Some people might wish they had a permanent erection. Better not, because this is a medical emergency.
4 Tipps für das perfekte Datingprofil

4 tips for the perfect dating profile

First impressions count. This saying applies not only to the first personal meeting, but also to online dating. We'll give you the best four tips for creating a dating profile so you can get off to a successful start!
Feucht beim Arzt - ist das normal? Peinlich: es passiert fast jedes Mal!

Confession: I always get wet at the doctor’s

No, I'm not (anymore) embarrassed. That's the way it is. I get wet at the doctor's and I'm not ashamed of it. In my imagination the doctor strokes me with his gloves, makes me almost insane.
Sex mit einem Pornostar - Ein Traum wird wahr

Sex with a porn star: a dream comes true

It's probably the dream of quite a few men: once sex with a porn star. But how is it possible to actually bang a porn actress? How do I get to a sharp and taboo erotic actress?

Jolee Love Porn: Sexy curves from Berlin

In different niches there is a Jolee Love porn to find, and exactly with that she inspires her fans. From outdoor to interracial to anal sex, porn actress Jolee Love from Berlin has it all. Visit the famous German porn star from Germany's capital city.

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