As a virgin in a brothel: Your first time with a prostitute

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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As a virgin in a brothel: Your first time with a prostitute
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The first sex: why a hooker is a good idea for this

In the past, it was not at all uncommon for a male virgin to lose her virginity in a brothel and deflowering to take place in a whorehouse. Sometimes the father even took his son as a virgin to a prostitute, perhaps a lady with whom he himself was a regular customer. Losing your virginity as a male virgin in a brothel is not as wrong as it sounds at first. In the past, it was a kind of initiation ritual into the world of men and having sex for the first time with a whore was normal for many.

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What are the benefits of having sex with a hooker for the first time?

As a virgin in a brothel: Your first time with a prostituteIt is probably no exaggeration to say that the hookers in the brothel know something about the art of love. After all, they earn their money by being at the service of men and satisfying their sexual desire. That is why it is not so wrong to gain sexual experience as a virgin in a brothel. When a young man has not had sex, he is insecure and nervous. The female body is a mystery to him. He feels lust, but doesn’t know how to handle it yet. Even more mysterious are the female sexual functions and how to arouse and satisfy your partner. Human sexuality is very complicated. Only a small part of the behavior is innate. A lot has to be learned. As a virgin in a brothel, the young man can learn a lot from a lady love. She can show him where and how to touch her to make her really horny and bring her to orgasm (yes, hookers have orgasms too!).

What happens to a virgin in a brothel?

A first time in a whorehouse is not infrequently a disappointment for the young man. He is simply overwhelmed by the sexual stimuli pouring in on him from all sides. He has probably never seen a naked woman in reality before, let alone an attractive whore who knows how to present her charms and shows herself to the virgin in the brothel in suspenders and high heels or overknees. A first time in a brothel is therefore not so easy. It’s not uncommon for his best friend to let him down. If his cock is already getting stiff, he may cum after just a few thrusts and the fun will be over before it has really begun. If it’s a steady partner the first time, it can end badly.

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Average young women also have little experience with sex. The girlfriend might be disappointed or offended by his behavior or, in the worst case, even mock him. In the worst case, this can trigger psychological problems, which, for example, lead to the young man withdrawing or developing erectile dysfunction (impotence). Having sex for the first time as a virgin in a brothel is much better. The hookers know their way around men. They know all kinds of tricks to make a flaccid penis rock hard again. If his member doesn’t want to go at all, an experienced whore can still satisfy him with her mouth or fingers and make him cum. If he comes too early (the most common sexual disorder in men, by the way) that’s not a big problem either. Young men are full of vitality. After a short time he is rock hard again and ready for the next round.

Virgin in a brothel – where is it best?

As a virgin in a brothel: Your first time with a prostituteHis first time in a running house

Playhouses are multi-story buildings where whores rent rooms. They sit outside in the corridor in front of their room and wait for suitors. Having sex for the first time in a running house is cheap because the ladies do not ask for much. You also have a wide choice. Against a first time in the Laufhaus speaks the fast, impersonal check-in and language problems, because most whores are foreigners.

His first time in a whorehouse

With this form of deflowering in the whorehouse there are 2 variants. There is the classic brothel, usually run by a woman (madame). The guest is invited in, takes a seat and chooses one of the girls. Then he goes with her to the room and enjoys his erotic adventure. Another variant to go to the prostitute as a virgin represents a date apartment. This is a large apartment with several rooms, usually shared by two or three hookers. For a virgin in a brothel, this is sometimes better because he is less nervous due to the familiar surroundings. Having his first time sex with a hooker in a whorehouse or a date apartment has advantages: the procedure is clear, the prices are fixed and the atmosphere crackles with sex. When a virgin has her first time sex with a whore in a whorehouse or a date apartment, there are downsides. There is little choice of ladies. Special requests may be difficult or impossible to accommodate.

His first time with an escort

Escort ladies are also called noble whores. They visit their clients in their homes or meet with them in a hotel. Having sex for the first time with an escort is much better than a first time in a whorehouse. Escorts are passionate about what they do and can show a young man more about love than he can learn as a virgin in a brothel. The disadvantage compared to the method of having sex as a virgin in a running house is the high price. Escorts charge much higher fees than ordinary whores. In addition, they can usually only be booked for a minimum duration of 2 hours.

Alternatives to the option of having sex in a brothel as a virgin

You can also have the first sex with an amateur whore. They’re just as hot and passionate as professional hookers. You can order them to your home or to a hotel or an hour hotel. Some are also visitable.

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Hookers from the street are rather unsuitable. Many of the girls are forced prostitutes from Eastern Europe who offer their services only reluctantly. You can’t learn much from them. The best you can do is lose your money and catch an STD.

As a virgin in a brothel – what to consider?

As a virgin in a brothel: Your first time with a prostituteFirst of all, the legal situation must be taken into account. Even though a young man can hardly wait to lose his virginity in a brothel and have sex with a horny hooker, deflowering in a brothel is only allowed from the age of 18. By the way, that would be an original gift idea: to send the man as a virgin to the prostitute for the 18th birthday or the passed Abi.

Rules and behavior in the whorehouse

By the way, his first time with a hooker should rather be with a lady who has experience and empathy. A friend, work colleague or older brother with experience can choose a whore who is eligible. If he informs the lady, she will try her best to make his first time with a whore as beautiful and pleasurable as possible.

As nice as it is to sow your wild oats as a virgin in a brothel, it can have its drawbacks. Among the biggest ones is that sex is basically only possible with a condom. A condom during sex bothers many men. AO (“all without”) is way too risky in a whorehouse, though. On the other hand, it can happen again and again that young, inexperienced men fall in love with whores or escorts and get into trouble.


Losing your virginity and gaining your first sexual experience as a virgin in a whorehouse is not a bad idea. The future partner benefits from the sexual experience that her boyfriend has gained in a brothel or a running house. He knows, by how to touch a woman to make her horny and bring her to climax.

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However, there is also a danger that the man gets used to sex with hookers. You have a way with men that can be downright addictive. This is evidenced, among other things, by the high numbers of regulars, most of whom are married. There’s nothing wrong with a first time in a brothel. However, if it becomes a habit, it can destroy a committed relationship.

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