Are our brains unsuitable for pornography?

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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Are our brains unsuitable for pornography?
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That’s what adult films do with the brain

Are we unfit for pornography?

Anyone who watches porn on the net more often will often notice a change in themselves. Perhaps the question has already crossed his mind as to whether his head is unsuitable for pornography. In fact, scientists have only recently published a study showing that frequent consumption leads to a distortion of sexual orientation and changes in behaviour. Whether the user is suitable or unsuitable for pornography, he must decide for himself. The following text provides some food for thought, but does not relieve the reader of the task of taking a critical look at it.

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Are our brains unsuitable for pornography?The desire for porn is unbroken

In the past, the question of whether a person is unsuitable for pornography did not arise at all. If you wanted to watch a porn movie, you had to rent it, go to a sex shop or go to certain cinemas. Now he only looks up an internet portal and can watch porn all night and also during the day.

Internet porn is very popular. According to a survey by a well-known tabloid, 12.5 percent of all pages viewed have pornographic content. The barrier is very low. For many pages not even a good age verification is necessary. The contents are partly even available free of charge. Better porn sites offer paid access. Only this mass of content raises the question whether the brain is unsuitable for pornography.

Why is a brain unsuitable for pornography?

So that no misunderstanding arises: Here we are talking about frequent consumption, which can be equated with addictive behavior. The processes in the body are the same for an addict. The brain does not tolerate alcohol, narcotics, gambling halls and is also unsuitable for pornography. When you watch a porn movie, the first time you see it, you feel a strong sense of pleasure.

Frau mit der geilsten Möse sehen

Several hormones are responsible for this, which are commonly known as happiness hormones. The best known are serotonin and dopamine. This feeling unfortunately disappears very soon and the porn user wants more. In the past this was not easily possible, today he simply looks for a new content. The fact that the brain is unsuitable for pornography is shown in the further course. There is a distortion of sexual orientation. Then the desire for more and more unusual films awakens, because he doesn’t like the old representations anymore. Not only does it increase consumption, he also watches films with other plot lines. Since the brain is unsuitable for pornography, it suddenly wants BDSM or porn movies with more violence.

Excessive porn consumption affects the sex life

People who consume porn frequently not only postpone their sexual interest. Normal love life suffers, too. Most porn products are artificial and have little to do with real life. A love relationship is unsuitable for pornography if the consumption becomes too strong. No love partner can keep up with a porn actor in the long run. Nobody can have sex at the push of a button, as shown in the porn industry. Also the many unnatural contortions prevent a real love life.

Pornosucht! Pornos bestimmen dein Leben?

This dilemma provides further proof that man is unsuitable for pornography. The porn consumer demands more and more fancy sex. The partner cannot afford it. Here the circle closes, because the porn consumer finally ends up back in porn again. At some point the life partner is no longer interesting, but only the virtual sex in the computer. Usually this leads very quickly to separation.

Are our brains unsuitable for pornography?How can affected persons break this vicious circle?

Porn can be a stimulant and can promote the desire for sex. Some couples watch porn together, try some things together and experience greater pleasure. Even if you don’t have a partner at the moment, you can use it to stimulate your fantasy and get the desire for a new love relationship. However, if the consumer realizes that his brain is unsuitable for pornography, he must intervene quickly and do something about it.

Usually the partner notices first that he is unsuitable for pornography. If the latter is understanding, a conversation will be offered. It is possible that there are already solutions to reduce porn consumption. If there has already been a strong distortion of the sexual orientation, it is best to stop porn consumption altogether. A brain that is unsuitable for pornography only learns to appreciate physical love when it abstains from stimulation for a long time. In the first time, the affected person will feel uncomfortable, maybe even aggressive. These are withdrawal symptoms.

Hier hochwertige Pornos ansehen

The realization that the brain is unsuitable for pornography is not always easy to cope with. In many cases it is necessary to consult a psychotherapist. This helps the person to realize that he or she is at a stage where he or she is currently unsuitable for pornography.


Brains are unsuitable for pornography because it can lead to addiction. This is not about the occasional viewing of a hot movie. The problem begins when the user wants more and more films and he notices that the previous representations are not enough for him. If he simultaneously switches to always harder game types, the alarm bells should sound. This not only changes consumer behaviour, but also the way we deal with normal sexuality.

Some researchers even go so far as to say that the brain is not only unsuitable for pornography, but that even with it a descent could be initiated, which in the worst case could lead to a criminal career. Here the affected person should intervene as quickly as possible and seek professional help.

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