Animal sex story: An animal affair

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Animal sex story: An animal affair
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Animal pleasures of a dairy cow in heat

Alina just came back from a party and walked relaxed and staggering along the country road at night. The girl had long brown hair, brown eyes and a graceful nose. Moreover, she was physically in good shape with her relatively large breasts and a tight butt. The just eighteen-year-old has often been approached because of her good looks and has also already been asked whether she wants to become a model later. But animal or even animal pleasures were unknown to her until now.

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She regretted the mistake, but it did not help

Alina looked around and noticed that her destination was still far away and it would take forever to walk the road to get there. That’s when she remembered the old stable nearby, which provided a shortcut. Grinning with joy, Alina ran to the fence at the side of the path and jumped over. She had had a little too much to drink at the party and almost fell, but after she got over the fence she could already clearly see the old abandoned barn.

Animal pleasures of a dairy cow in heat

She was a pretty young woman

Laughing, the girl went through the front doors of the stable and after a short time had almost reached the other end, when suddenly the doors in front and behind her closed as if by magic. Alina was startled and turned around abruptly. Behind her stood a pretty young woman who stared insistently at Alina. “You damn kids run through my barn every night making immense noise! That’s enough! I’ll punish you for this, and I’ll start with you!” the woman said angrily.

Alina was panicked and said, “Please miss, I didn’t want to cause any trouble! Please let me go. I promise never to enter this place again either!” The woman silently approached Alina, looked deeply into her brown eyes and then said, “O, you will receive a punishment, you can be sure…” She began to wander around Alina and the girl did not fail to notice that she was inspecting her entire body. Discomfort spread through Alina. Finally, the woman stood in front of Alina again and said with a smile, “I still have to introduce myself, my child. My name is Circes and I am a witch.” Alina’s fear disappeared and she stifled a laugh.

Animal sex story: An animal affairAlina should make a beastly good specimen

With all due respect, I don’t buy that a…aaaa” Alina cried out, startled, as Circes pointed a curt hand gesture at Alina, who was unable to move. Circes started laughing. “Now you are surely convinced, you brat. You have an excellent body and will make a fine specimen! Get ready…”

Alina said frantically, “What do they mean by specimen?” “My child, you will see in a moment. Don’t worry, the process won’t take very long.”

Suddenly Alina felt that her hands and feet were changing. With horror on her face, the girl had to watch as her limbs became clumsy black hooves, forcing Alina to stand on all fours. “What are they doing to me?!” said Alina, starting to sob. Circes did not respond, but shot a blue beam of light at Alina, grinning. The eighteen-year-old suddenly felt a tingling sensation throughout her body. Then everything about her became much more massive and Alina felt how she gained muscles. Now she had the physique of a bodybuilder and her clothes flew to the ground in shreds. Alina was speechless with horror and shame, while Circes laughed out loud. But before Alina could get used to the last change, the next one occurred. Her whole body – apart from her head – was suddenly covered in black and white fur.

Could what had happened still be undone?

“What is this? Please undo this! Please!” Alina cried, sobbing. Circes laughed out loud while Alina’s butt got bigger and wider. Alina couldn’t help an excited moan as her ass took on indescribable proportions for a human. Immediately after, Alina felt her vagina wander and reposition itself in the back above her butt. Then she became very big and her labia became leathery. Alina couldn’t help but moan with satisfaction again, now much louder than before. When this transformation was finished, the girl regained her composure and cried out to Circes, sobbing, “What are they doing to me? Why are they doing this to me?”

The witch smiled and said, “Isn’t it obvious? We are on a farm and on a farm live cows. When I inspected your body, I realized that you are the ideal candidate to be transformed into a cow. Don’t worry, your transformation will be over soon and then we’ll get to the big event. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” Alina’s eyes widened in horror, but she couldn’t reply, because she felt a sudden pain above her butt and turned her head to see what was happening back there. A long cow tail was now sticking out the back. “And as a last change…” said Cirses, pointing at Alina’s big boobs. A moment later Alina’s nipples became longer and her breasts turned pink. Then, as if out of nowhere, another pair of breasts appeared, with the same thing happening. All four merged into one udder that dangled back and forth under Alina’s big cow belly.

Animal sex story: An animal affairAt least her head remained human – for now

The only human thing that Alina had left was her head. Cirses bent down to the cow girl and said, “Now you are a real cow! I’ll let you keep your pretty face for a moment.” With these words Circes made sure that Alina could move again. The cowgirl almost fell down on her new legs and tried to run away, but her body did not obey. Alina started to cry. “Please, I don’t want to be a cow!” Circes smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun now. Now comes the promised big event.” With these words, the witch let the back stable door swing open and a big, strong bull stepped in.
“This is George, my stud bull. I’ll leave you two to it! Have fun, little one.” Laughing, Cirses disappeared while the stable doors closed again.

Alina was now alone with the bull. With great horror, Alina had to realize that this cop had only one goal: to impregnate her. The animal’s penis grew larger and larger and soon shone in all its glory, while the bull trotted towards Alina, snorting. Alina still couldn’t manage her cow body and laboriously tried to walk to the other side of the barn. “Stay away from me! I will not let a bull fuck me! I’m not a cow!” Alina screamed in panic, but the bull saw only a virgin young cow in front of him. The only thing that surprised George was Alina’s face, but the rest of her body was that of a magnificent dairy cow. Alina’s udder dangled back and forth under her belly while she tried to break open the stall door with her hooves. There was no escape for the transformed girl.

Animal sex for a once human figure

George came inexorably closer and closer and finally stood right in front of her ass. Alina froze in shock and even forgot to breathe. George sniffed Alina’s large, leathery vagina briefly and then tried to hump her. “No! Don’t!” Alina screamed, but the strong bull had already put his front hooves on Alina’s wide hips and didn’t let go. He lifted his big long penis and penetrated deep into Alina’s cow vagina. Triumphant and snorting, the bull paused briefly in this posture. Alina dug her hooves firmly into the grassy stable floor and had only one thought: she was now a cow standing in a stable being fucked by a bull.

George began to slide his penis out of Alina again and again, only to thrust it back in. After a short time he increased his pace and started fucking Alina with vigor. The cowgirl could not control herself for long, because orgasmic feelings overtook her with every thrust of the bull. Alina started moaning loudly and she tried to control herself, but it felt too good. She could not help it. This was her first time and this bull could do her insanely well. Alina pressed her massive body as close as she could to George so that she was filled by his entire member. The thoughts of fear left Alina. She was a dairy cow in her prime. She was his cow. Alina had only one task at that moment: to get knocked up.

Animal sex story: An animal affairThe breeding bull has reached its goal – Aline was exhausted

Alina groaned happily and rejoiced as the stud bull sped up even more. “Yes, my big one! Get it right for me! I want it!” Alina cried moaning. After a few minutes, George’s thrusts slowed down and Alina knew he was about to come. Suddenly Alina’s sex companion gasped loudly and pushed his member as deep as it could go into the cow. Alina’s eyes turned with satisfaction and to her own amazement she started mooing. Then Charles discharged all his sperm into Alina and pulled his now flaccid penis out of the dripping wet cow sheath. Alina felt her cervix getting warm and her belly expanding because of the amount of sperm. George puffed one last time and then trotted off again. He had reached his goal.

Alina stood shakily on the spot for a moment, not moving. Her heartbeat was immensely fast and she kept taking deep breaths. She had had sex with a bull and enjoyed it to her own horror. Alina felt humiliated. The newly deflowered cowgirl looked at her belly, startled. The amount of George’s cum ensured that he was as heavy as a watermelon. Alina swallowed hard. She had to face reality, because she was now
pregnant for sure and soon carried George’s calf in her belly.

The milk cow tears rolled down her face when she saw herself

Alina saw the stable door swing open in front of her and Circes looking down at her with a smile. “You seem to have enjoyed it, my little one. I will make sure that George will copulate you again.” Alina wanted to cry, but her eyes fell shut when Cirses made a curt hand gesture.

Alina opened her eyes slowly and sluggishly. It took her a moment to realize where she was. Then she recognized her surroundings. Alina found herself back in the stall where she had been impregnated just moments before. All of a sudden she panicked and wanted to try to escape from that place again, but Alina felt something on her back leg stopping her. An iron chain was attached not only to her foot, but also to the wall. There was no way to move much from the spot.

Alina next noticed in horror that she now also had the face of a cow. Her once graceful nose had become a pink, flat cow’s snout and her ears hung limply off the sides of her head. Now she was a real cow except for her memories. Tears rolled out of Alina’s eyes. I wish she had never gone to the farm. Then all this would never have happened! She was turned into a cow by a witch and then fucked by a bull who impregnated her. She was no longer a virgin. This is not how Alina had imagined her first time.

Our work pants didn't let us see deeplyAlina had imagined her defloration quite differently

She thought in shock about what her life would be like now when Circes joined her in the barn. The witch stopped right in front of Alina and just smiled for a minute. “You look just gorgeous, little one,” she then finally said, looking down at Alina’s belly, which was full of George’s cum.

“Apparently George gave you a good going over. How was your first time having sex? The way you moaned and groaned there in the stall, it must have been divine.” Alina looked down at the floor in shame and raged at Circes. The witch laughed out loud “Don’t worry, your body will soon go into heat and then you won’t be able to think about anything but bulls.”

Alina’s anger was immediately replaced by shock. She didn’t want to be a cow. It was bad enough that George had fucked and impregnated her, but if more cops did the same… On the other hand, George’s big penis had felt so good inside her, and when he’d gotten her extra hard, all she’d thought about was how nice it would be if he kept fucking and impregnating her.
Alina felt something like pride because she would soon become a mother, but the feeling soon faded as she remembered that this child was a calf from a stud bull who had raped her. “I hope more of your kind come to my farm looking for a shortcut. You can never have enough pregnant cows to expand the farm,” Circes said.

For twelve weeks on the farm of the common witch Circes

And so it happened. Alina had been living on the witch’s farm for three months. She had done little else during that time except eat grass in the pasture. In the pasture, the cows were separated from the bulls. Alina, meanwhile, could feel her belly taking on more weight and starting to stir a bit. Georges Kalb. One evening, as Alina was standing in the stable, a boy suddenly walked in drunk. Probably like Alina at that time, he also came from a party and was looking for a shortcut home. Alina wanted to warn him to leave immediately, but from her mouth came only a moo. Suddenly the stable doors slammed shut and Circes stood in front of the boy, who looked at her dumbfounded.

“Ah, another one of you troublemakers! I’m Circes, the witch who owns this farm, and as punishment for you just walking through my barn, I’m going to turn you into a bull!” The boy smirked and said, “Witches don’t exist, you a…aaaah!” He began to scream in surprise as he fell to all fours because his hands and feet became hooves. Circes hurled flashes of green light at his body. Next, he became much more muscular and the boy’s clothes fell off his body.

“What are you doing to me?” he yelled in panic, but Circes just grinned. Brown-black fur covered the entire boy from one moment to the next – except for his head. A long bull’s tail emerged from behind, causing the bull boy to cry out in pain. Circes looked at her previous work on her victim with interest. “Hmm, you’re still missing something very important to be of use as a bull as well,” she decided, shooting more flashes of green light at the bull boy.

The sex community on the mobile phoneA magnificent muscular bull stood in front of her with huge penis

Alina had been watching the transformation since the beginning and couldn’t help but be fascinated by the sight that now presented itself to her. Her cow vagina became slightly wet as the bull boy’s penis grew larger and thicker until it was even longer than George’s. The eggs from him also grew into enormous bags. The bull boy gave a short excited groan. “That’s better,” Circes said with a smile. With one last flash of light, the witch made her victim’s body become much more muscular and his face took the shape of a bull. Alina now saw a magnificent, muscular bull standing before her in all his glory.

Without being able to stop it, her cow instincts took over and she heard herself saying in her mind that he should fuck her and make her pregnant. She was now in the heat Circes had told her about. The witch pointed at the bull’s head and said, “Hereby you lose your voice and you shall also no longer think like a human! Be my bull!” The bull stopped standing rigidly on the spot, aghast, and turned toward Alina. He looked at the cow extensively and snorted seemingly excitedly. “I think he likes you, Alina. If you want, I can let him join you in the enclosure.”

Alina was too excited to make any signs of disapproval of disenchantment. Her cow instincts had the upper hand in the heat. She mooed and turned to the barn wall to thrust her leathery, wet cow vagina at the newly transformed bull. The bull snorted again and extended his magnificent penis to its maximum length. “That’s it, my girl,” Cicses said cheerfully, swinging open the stable door.

The plump testicles of the breeding bull slapped against her ass

Then the witch disappeared as if she had never been there. Again Alina was alone in the stable with a bull. The bull now had a clear path and walked purposefully towards Alina. When he arrived at her place, he sniffed Alina’s vagina with interest. He probably liked not only what he saw but also what he smelled and braced himself on Alina’s wide hips as George had done. Alina mooed and was greedy for him. The bull was not long in coming, aimed his huge penis right at Alina’s extremely wet cow pussy and penetrated her deeply. Alina mooed.

That’s the way she wanted it. The bull started to push his penis very slowly in and out of Alina, which worked very well because Alina’s pussy was so wet. It was quiet in the barn, you could only hear the bull smacking and sliding his penis back into the cow and his bulging testicles slapping against her butt. Slowly but surely, the muscular bull quickened his pace and pushed Alina closer and closer to the barn wall.

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The cow had to straighten up a bit, which allowed her sex partner to penetrate her even deeper. The bull shifted his weight more on Alina’s wide hips, finally sinking his entire penis inside her. Suddenly the cop let his penis stick into Alina at the deepest point. Alina’s pleasure juice poured out of her vagina. This fuck was even far better than the one with George. The cop now started fucking Alina very quickly and prepared to climax.

The mating resulted in multiple pregnancy of the dairy cow

Alina’s thoughts were only about how excited she was that it was about to happen. The bull’s testicles contracted as they channeled felt tons of semen into the penis. Shortly after, the bull unloaded his juice into Alina, panting loudly. The cow could feel the sperm entering her belly, causing Alina to climax with pleasure herself. The bull kept fucking for a moment, then pulled his penis out of the thoroughly fucked cow, a little cum spurting out of Alina’s cunt again. The gorgeous bull gently pushed himself off Alina’s hips and slowly trotted away from her with some cum still clinging to his penis.

The cow turned away from the nearby barn wall, breathing heavily. She was still in heat. This one pairing was not enough for them. All Alina could think about was that she needed to find a new bull soon. Then she looked at her belly where there was fresh sperm and her calf. She felt proud when she realized that her child would soon have a brother. This new cop had surely impregnated her too, at least it could hardly be ruled out because he had fucked her so hard.

Sexgeschichte: Meine Frau und der große Hund

After a whole year on the farm, Alina had already given birth to her first calf and was carrying five more in her belly. In heat, one of the three yard bulls had fucked her over and over again every day for two weeks. The third was also a new transformed boy.

She would probably not become a famous model now

Circes was proud of Alina and praised her for being the best breeding cow the witch had ever had. When Alina wasn’t in heat, she thought sadly of her old life and how, as a beautiful girl, she could have gotten herself knocked up by one of the many handsome boys from her old school instead of several breeding bulls. Sure she could have become a famous model, but that was no longer possible now. Her fate was sealed since her deflowering by George.
She had happily let herself be fucked and impregnated and now she had to be there for her calves as well.

In the end, the origin of her new life had not been her horniness, but Circes. The witch had turned her and made George rape her. But Alina didn’t think about that anymore. For her, the only thing that mattered was what she herself had decided – and her decision had been to get properly fucked.

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