A gentleman does not splash a woman in the hair

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A gentleman does not spray a woman's hair
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Every gentleman has a ranking of the best splash targets

As an absolute gentleman, you don’t splash the woman’s hair. Not even when the blowjob was miserable. The man of the world has chosen completely different destinations for his sperm. Ladies also like to do without sticky hair and much prefer to receive the warm love juice on other regions of their bodies.

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Why the hair is not a suitable target

A gentleman does not spray a woman's hairThis should normally be self-explanatory. No woman wants the sticky sperm between her hair. Quite apart from the uneasy feeling, women are often tricky when it comes to their hairstyle anyway. As a man, it is also unattractive when the lady disappears into the bathroom for ninety minutes immediately after the blowjob. Shower, detangle hair and then comb through, there can be some time depending on the length of the hair.

Time that the man might have liked to use elsewhere. For a second round of sex, a massage, or whatever else he feels like. In order to prevent such situations from arising in the first place, it should be clearly noted at this point: A gentleman sprays purposefully. Missing or firing too early is something for inexperienced teenagers.

When a gentleman squirts, he hits his target

The man of the world knows how to behave during sex. Even during lovemaking, a powerful and dominant aura surrounds him. There are no facial contortions here, nor is there any excessive glee. Men of the world are cool and always in control. Even during the blowjob, the man keeps track and knows exactly which parts of the woman’s body he wants to cover with his sperm. Possible targets are many, which also lead to different reactions on the part of the woman.

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In men’s circles, people often talk shop and discuss. Where a gentleman squirts best? Of course, this varies from person to person and is up to the two players. Those who study the subject in more detail and move in gentlemanly circles will very soon come across a ranking list. This is nothing more and nothing less than a listing of the most popular splash destinations.

The classic

An old saying goes: to like means to blow, to love means to swallow and to idolize means to gargle. Admittedly, this saying, which is now getting on in years, is not always put into practice one hundred percent. But the first port of call for the final shot, the cumshot, after a good blowjob is now once the mouth of the woman. This destination is recommended especially for beginners. The best piece is already in place anyway and you don’t need to invest energy in aiming. You don’t need to concentrate much either, since the launching weapon is already in your partner’s mouth, as I said.

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Once the man has done his part of the job, it’s now up to the lady to skillfully handle the abandonment in her mouth, such as cumswapping or snowballing. There are said to be women who only swallow so that they don’t have to clean the bed later. But fortunately there are also real ladies who appreciate it when the gentleman squirts in her mouth or covers her face with a facial. These artists of the blowjob also know how to handle the precious liquid in their mouths. After all, the gentleman wants to be duly rewarded for the service he has rendered.

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The woman of the world knows how to use the sperm to moisten the tip of her tongue and then spread it over her lips. Well-mannered gals will also dutifully open their mouths to give the noble donor a glimpse of their accomplishment.

A gentleman does not squirt exclusively in the mouth

A gentleman does not spray a woman's hairNumber two in the list is the face of the woman. This is where power relationships are acted out and ownership claims are clarified. A suave gentleman squirts a woman in the face to act out his dominance. A regular load of sperm over the forehead and eyes refers the woman to her status. Of course, the man decides when the woman may remove the liquid he lovingly applied. In the long term, such actions promote the relationship. Because if you are regularly reminded of where you stand, it is easier for you to behave accordingly.

Further it goes a little deeper, namely with the breasts of the woman. This is in third place in the list, so it is also a very popular destination. With most women, they are also not particularly difficult to meet. Especially since, as a man, you even have two goals. A woman who may receive the love drops on her sensitive breast should rub it well afterwards. She can do this in the form of a massage in front of the gentleman. If she does her thing well, he will feel like going for a second round, which should be her ultimate goal anyway.

Now it goes one floor lower. Because a gentleman also likes to squirt his partner in the butt. The advantages are obvious. Everything is nice and tight, the woman shows her best side, so to speak, and an unwanted pregnancy can also not occur. Women should always have lubricating cream in the house.

These women swallow

Even if the gentleman didn’t think anything of anal until now, he can change his mind at any time. If the woman is poorly prepared, the night could be a lot more painful for her. But at the latest from this evening will always have lubricating cream in excess at home and in her purse. The man of the world educates his partners not only during the blowjob.

For romantics

If you want it romantic, provide a cocktail glass before sex. If sex occurs and the woman brings her partner to just before the shot, the partner unfortunately has to withdraw. The gentleman now splashes into the glass and watches it gradually fill with the white liquid.

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Now you can add some strawberries, grapes or banana pieces to the glass. This love cocktail is given to the woman who drinks to the man’s health. Again, to love means to swallow and to idolize means to gargle, which is also expressly desired at this point.

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