99 year old sexually abused by young man

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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99 year old sexually abused by young man
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26-year-old arrested for sex assault

Perpetrator caught: 99-year-old sexually abused

The San Francisco Police Department has now been able to arrest a young man who was arrested on the evening of December 31. assaulted and sexually abused a very elderly seniorin in a nursing home Now the man who has sexually abused the 99 year old girl has to answer before the judge. The 26-year-old offender is charged with burglary, assault and rape.

Täter gefasst: 99jährige sexuell missbraucht

Security cameras filmed everything

The law enforcement authorities of the Californian city identified the criminal as a man named Teandre H.-K., who has already confessed to the crime. The assault took place in Chinatown, San Francisco. in what local residents refer to simply as “Pings”.

A surveillance camera filmed the events in the retirement home, nurses detected suspicious movements on the monitors in the control room and immediately sounded the alarm. After the police viewed the picture and video material, they drove to the perpetrator’s apartment, where they encountered and arrested the tormentor of the old woman. Now he is waiting in a cell of the SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) in remand for his court date.

The grandmother from modest circumstances (6 children, 11 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren), whose husband died of pneumonia 41 years ago, now hopes never to see her tormentor again and I already fear a confrontation.

The victim survived the assault without injury

The director of the old people’s home visited the elderly woman and, when asked, said that he did not want to “even discuss the cruelty of the act and the perverted perpetrator”. Rather, the (legitimate) question arises how such a heinous crime in a retirement home could have happened in the first place, that a 99-year-old woman was sexually abused. Where the staff on duty were at the time of the crime must now be finally clarified.

Position 77: Good sex times other than 69

Whether there may have been a neglect of the duty of supervision will now be the subject of the police investigation.

Why didn’t the man go straight to Grandma Berta ?

There was a similar case in the 1980s in Vienna 7 in Kenyongasse, the perpetrator combined a home invasion (the term was unknown at the time) with the rape of an 85-year-old woman. He watched her withdraw money and followed her home, where he gained access forcibly. At that time the woman was tied up with cable ties and suffered considerable injuries on both arms as well as in the abdomen. The perpetrator was a “free-lancer” who was released in the morning and committed the crime only a few hours later.

Despite this monstrosity in California, there are also young men who normally date an old woman for sex. Even if she could be her grandmother. Also in Germany and Austria! Grandma Berta, for example, still likes to have sex with preferably younger men even at an old age. The old granny with a lust for physical pleasure has even published here her personal ad. Things exist, they don’t exist.

By the way, the perpetrator is still silent about his motive. Despite his confession, he is now facing years in prison. A long time for a short time of such doubtful pleasure!

Photo: San Francisco Police Department, USA

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