5 mistakes that every woman makes when flirting

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5 mistakes that every woman makes when flirting
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The most common mistakes women make when flirting

Yes, women also make mistakes when flirting. Some of them even so often that they made it into the error highscore list. Which is not to say that women can’t make mistakes. After all, it makes them human and brings the worthy ladies down from the pedestal of unattainable beauty. Small mistakes and initial stumbles are not bad and make rather sympathetic. Nevertheless, here are the top 5 typical female failures.

5 mistakes that every woman makes when flirting

The woman, instead of flirting, only talks about herself. Attention, pure cliché. A man a word, a woman a dictionary. This old saying or other statements of this kind shoot through a man’s head in this situation. If the woman is babbling non-stop while flirting, that’s bad enough. But if it’s exclusively about them all the time, any man, no matter how hard-boiled, will sooner or later take flight. One inevitably wonders where all this is supposed to lead, if the woman already babbles away during flirting without point and comma.

The lady makes nonstop compliments while flirting

Sure, each of us likes to hear how great he is and that the woman admires you. But this kind of flirting becomes very implausible very quickly with each new compliment. At some point, even the limit is reached, in which one secretly thinks of words like Geschleime or similar.

Raise false hopes

Of course, every man will like to hear from the woman flirting that she needs sex every two to three days. Next, she confesses a penchant for sexy lingerie and light S&M games in bed. Of course, she listens to the same music as her crush and loves the same movies.

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Telling something like this naturally arouses a certain expectation in the man. If this is then not fulfilled because the lady in truth finds SM disgusting, listens to folk music and is into knitted underwear, the trouble is pre-programmed. All of this could be avoided if both were honest with each other right from the start.

The woman gets drunk

A little alcohol can loosen up cramps and loosen up. But only a little bit. If you overdo it, you run the risk of becoming too funny. If you’re drunk, slurring stupid jokes and then laughing yourself off, you don’t look sexy, to say the least. The crowning glory would be, of course, if so much alcohol is involved that suddenly and in a panic the toilet must be visited. But fortunately, it usually doesn’t get that far. This, by the way, is not a peculiarity of women flirting. Here it is rather the men who like to drink one over the thirst.

The woman uses flirting to make fun of the ex

5 mistakes that every woman makes when flirtingEveryone should know that the ex-partner is not a topic of conversation when flirting with the potential new partner. Even teenagers know that, because it’s regularly in Bravo. So although this is absolute basic knowledge, it is often overlooked. Especially if the last relationship was not too long ago and has not yet been properly processed. In this case, both man and woman should consider whether they are even ready for a new relationship. Abusing the other person as a soul garbage can for the problems with the ex does not work at all. Any potential partner will sooner rather than later take to his heels.

Anyone who has now smirked while reading about the mistakes women make when flirting should take a look at themselves. Because, seriously, a woman is usually a lot safer than a man when flirting. Which is simply because women are more confident and don’t have as much fear of failure as men.

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If you watch a woman flirt, you can usually still learn something.
So dear ladies: Don’t let a few stumbling blocks put you off your guard and flirt for all you’re worth. The world of men will thank you for it.

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