32% of all Germans have ever had car sex

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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32% of all Germans have ever had car sex
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More and more Germans like sex in their cars

Autosex is very popular with German couples. According to a survey of an erotic portal almost a third do it in the car, some even in taxis. Now sex in public is forbidden. But where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge. If you don’t want to be caught during car sex, you better find a place that is not visible. Optimal, but not very romantic is a garage. However, it is not only the location that matters, but also the optimal design of the sheep’s nest.

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32% of all Germans have ever had car sexThe best places for car sex

The easiest way, of course, is to stay in the house and do it in the garage. Then the question arises why all this effort, when it is much more comfortable in bed or on the couch. The real autosex feeling is only created when you take the car out for a spin.

A good place is in the woods. There the couple can open the windows and even lower the roof. However, it is important to first make sure that nobody is around to disturb you. If you fear this, you can cover the car windows with a cloth or foil and thus prevent someone from watching the hot activity.
Another good place is the underground car park. Here the probability of being disturbed is very high. Maybe there’s a dark place to have car sex.

If you are afraid of getting caught, postpone car sex until the dark hours of the day. Then you can have fun even on a busy street and nobody notices.

The best positions for autosex

The appropriate position depends on the size of the car. Due to the limited space, the man leans against the dashboard. The woman sits on him and supports herself a little at the back. This position is a little bit similar to the rider position. This is not possible, however, because the vehicle limits the space upwards if the soft top is not folded up.

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If the car is too small for sex, the couple simply leaves the car and drives it on the hood. Anyone who has ever had sex on the table knows the position. The woman lies on the hood and the man enters her standing up.

With a larger car, doggy style (doggy position) is also possible. The woman kneels in the back seat and the man takes her from behind during car sex. With a little practice this works very well.

The popular missionary position is also possible. The back seat is ideal. However, in most vehicles the pair cannot stretch out lengthwise because the dimensions are too small. With bent legs and supported upper body both have enough space.

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Autosex is ideal for cuddling, especially in the back seat. There the woman snuggles up with her back against the man’s chest and he penetrates her from behind.
Autosex also works on the front seats. However, the gear levers are in the way. It is better to use one of the front seats that can be folded back. Now the woman can lie down and the man on top of her. This hot version of the missionary position is fun for both. The position works for sex in the car also vice versa. However, the woman should better bend forward when riding, otherwise she can easily be seen.

Try out autosex and have fun

If you are one of those people who have never tried autosex, you should try it. There is always a quiet place and if you are afraid of being discovered, try it in the garage or in a quiet place with the engine off.

By the way, auto-sex has nothing to do with autofellatio.

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