3 things men don’t care about at all during sex

By Daniel Kemper
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3 things men don't care about at all during sex
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This is completely indifferent guys during sex

For the most part, women find it difficult to let themselves go in bed. They can’t turn off their thoughts and wonder what men think of them. Am I pretty enough? Is he attracted to me? Am I too passive, or am I too brash? Often these very points are completely indifferent to the men during sex. They would like their partner to simply enjoy the tenderness.

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If the man is hot for his playmate, he probably won’t even notice if she is not freshly shaved. He just wants to get down to business. However, the woman is unnecessarily worried that she might look unkempt. His lust is a clear sign that the scattered stubble does not bother him! The body hair is completely indifferent to the partner during sex. He would certainly have expressed concerns about this beforehand.

Of love affairs and problem zones

Especially if the flirtation takes place in bright light, woman can sometimes be distracted from their alleged problem areas. Again – the man can not wait to spoil his chosen one. Thus, he finds them demonstrably attractive. Small fat pads he probably doesn’t even see, he loves how her thighs push apart for him.

3 Dinge, die Männern beim Sex völlig egal sind

Whether they have a few dents or not, he won’t care at that moment. In the riding position the woman sees only her hanging breasts. However, your lover enjoys kneading them during lovemaking and finds them arousing. Similar to the Y position. He doesn’t care at all during sex if the woman’s body is not perfect – for him it is at that moment.

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A typical example of the fact that men and women do not necessarily have the same thoughts is the female moan. The woman is even partly afraid of it, she is worried that she might make strange noises. The man, on the other hand, is virtually waiting for a lustful moan from his partner. This confirms that he is doing a good job. In addition, there is often nothing more attractive to men than a woman who moans loudly in ecstasy.

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He will hardly be able to control himself and will take it up a notch. As a woman, you can also use moaning to clearly show the other person when he is doing something right. Thus, the man is spurred on and guided in the right direction. He doesn’t care at all during sex if she moans softly, screams loudly or makes some shrill sounds. All this is a clear sign of her lust.

Switch off your head and just let it fall

As you can see, the woman’s worries are often unfounded. The focus should always be on pleasure for two, not concerns about your own body or performance. Women should take an example from men and just enjoy. Once the man has decided on a bed partner, he is unlikely to suddenly run away because of her naked appearance.

He found her attractive before, and he will find her attractive without her clothes on. All the little details that bother women so much, in the end, the man does not care at all during sex.

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