Thanks for 1,000 comments under the posts

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Danke für 1.000 Kommentare

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1,000 comments reflect opinions

Thank you for 1,000 comments from our loyal readers. We have been writing about the world of eroticism for thirteen years. And we are especially happy about the great response we receive from our readers. That is why we would like to thank you today for your active participation on our side. This shows us that our topics appeal to a wide audience.

Thanks for 1,000 comments under the postsContact with our readers is what makes us special

Comments are what really enlivens our site. Through your comments we learn, for example, which stories make you really horny and which not. They make us aware of what is of interest to you, so that we can deal with it in our next articles. Therefore we want to encourage you once again: Please comment diligently!

We make eroticism socially acceptable

Some people think of single men with beer bellies when they think of an erotic portal. There are surely also those among our readers, but that is a cliché. Both our editorial team and our readers include both men and women. Your comments also show that. Especially women are often very interested in erotic stories. In the area of erotic news we also address ladies and gentlemen equally. We are pleased that we can follow the views of both sexes in your comments. This exchange is certainly also an enrichment for our readers. How nice to see that the opposite sex also finds this story hot!

We come to the point

Actually, most magazines and newspapers are always about sex! But why talk about the hot porridge? We get straight to the point! Our readers obviously appreciate that. Your comments show us that we offer a platform on which one can exchange openly about sex and eroticism.

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Of course, taboo topics such as BDSM are also part of it. By the way, all this can be thematised in such a way that even sophisticated men and women feel addressed. The 1,000 comments give us confirmation that we will continue like this.

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